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November 20, 2018
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ledliteWith the ever-increasing popularity of LED lights, we have to stop every now and again and remind ourselves just what the advantages of this amazing technology are. We also, of course, should consider whether or not there are any disadvantages. A LED light is only as good as the quality of the product and this will obviously vary, affecting longevity and efficiency. Compared with light sources such as incandescent and compact fluorescent [CFL] lights, LED easily takes the lead where efficiency is concerned. Higher light output and less electricity usage is a big factor with this type of lighting, which is being widely implemented by councils and other organisations in areas such as street lighting, airport lighting, hotels, and retail.

LEDs offer up to 50,000 hours per bulb, which is a very impressive performance and reduces time and money spent frequently replacing bulbs used in street lighting and dangerous or difficult to access areas. This has to be weighed up against a lower, less efficient output at end of life, usually around 70%, and the control gear must be of equal quality and life expectancy to get the full benefits.

Light Emitting Diodes [LEDs] will illuminate immediately and can then be dimmed or otherwise controlled until the required brightness is achieved. This makes them superior to fluorescent bulbs in this respect, although incandescent bulbs do have a slight edge here. The initial cost of LED lights can be restrictive too, as they are a little more pricey than other forms of illumination. However, it is generally considered good economic practice to replace incandescent bulbs that burn out, as your LEDs will be around for approximately 20 something years! Don’t forget you will also be saving on your fuel bills once you are using LED light bulbs. They are now designed to fulfill most of the lighting requirements that other traditional types of lighting were favored for, such as a fast switch on time and warmer lighting tones.

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